Media practitioners receive training on responsible use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

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The media is a key platform for mass education. The Centre for Science and Health Communication (CSHC), a CSO in health organised one-day training for its members and media practitioners on responsible use of antibiotics and antibiotics resistance.  

This training aimed at empowering the media to report adequately and also educate their members and communities on the responsible use of antibiotics. This training was as a result of findings made earlier in a KAPB survey conducted on members of the media group on antibiotic use and resistance. Hence at the end of the workshop, members will be well educated and equipped with information on responsible use of antibiotics, acquired the necessary capacity to explore various styles and angles on media reportage regarding antibiotic resistance (ABR) and also receive feedback, perspectives and experiences of media on ABR.


The workshop was attended by 32 members and representatives of various media organisations in Ghana. 

They questioned the free access to antibiotics, misuse of antiseptics and disinfectants, use of antibiotics on open sores and especially the open advertisement of medicines on the media. They called on the regulatory authorities to up their game in applying the regulations on medicines and especially antibiotics for future generations. 

Many media houses before this workshop considered ABR as a low key issue but became more aware of its importance. They also appreciated better, the link between local and individual attitudes and a global problem in the form of AMR. 

A very important step has been taken towards mass education on AMR in Ghana. They suggested that selected media houses based on influence should be encouraged to devote special time or programme for ABR and related activities. To continue the discourse on ABR in the media, selected medial persons should be given extra coaching to make them brand ambassadors of ABR in the media. They also called for a sustain drive in educating the general public on the use of antibiotics and medicines in general.

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