Media practitioners receive training on responsible use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

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The media is a key platform for mass education. The Centre for Science and Health Communication (CSHC), a CSO in health organised one-day training for its members and media practitioners on responsible use of antibiotics and antibiotics resistance.  

This training aimed at empowering the media to report adequately and also educate their members and communities on the responsible use of antibiotics. This training was as a result of findings made earlier in a KAPB survey conducted on members of the media group on antibiotic use and resistance. Hence at the end of the workshop, members will be well educated and equipped with information on responsible use of antibiotics, acquired the necessary capacity to explore various styles and angles on media reportage regarding antibiotic resistance (ABR) and also receive feedback, perspectives and experiences of media on ABR.

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]The Ministry of Health in 2012 partnered Action on Antibiotic Resistance (ReACT) to engage Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for community action on responsible use of antibiotics as part of its effort to stem the tide on antibiotic resistance in Ghana.

This partnership in a project themed ‘’ Towards national and regional policy platforms to manage antibiotic resistance – engaging civil society organizations for social mobilization, health education and communication’’ aims at empowering CSOs with the necessary information on antibiotics that will ensure change in attitude, knowledge and practices  on antibiotics use and resistance. The CSOs will serve as channels through which this information will be communicated to the community by including antibiotic and antibiotic resistance themes in their health promotion activities.

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The report covers details of one-day orientation programme for 30 stakeholders including local government officials, community leaders, including religious leaders, and other stakeholders, on health risks and the need for health promotion skills training, which include Antibiotics (AB) and Antibiotic Resistance (ABR). The orientation was conducted on 1st October 2014 at Mankessim in the Central region.  It was part of CSOs effort to integrate AB and ABR themes in health promotion programs in the community.

The Objective of the orientation was to strengthen and give the necessary tools (skills) to the stakeholders to undertake community based advocacy program in antibiotic use and resistance and use their platform to stimulate advocacy and awareness on AB and ABR. 

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