The primary mandate of the Ghana National Drugs Programme (GNDP) is to develop, manage, periodically review and coordinate National Medicines Policy (National Drugs Policy). Thus the primary goal is to facilitate access to effective, safe and affordable Medicines of good quality in both the public, private and mission sectors and to ensure that these are rationally used.

The GNDP operates in the following broad areas:

  1. -Development of Pharmaceutical Policy and Implementation Guidelines
  2. -Periodic review of the drug policies, treatment protocols, essential medicines list and other guidelines
  3. -Collaboration with relevant implementing and regulatory agencies to develop and coordinate strategies for the implementation of national medicines policy and to assess and evaluate the performance of pharmaceutical sector in both the public, private and mission sectors
  4. -Collaboration with relevant stakeholders to develop capacity for pharmaceutical/health industry.

Ghana National Drugs Programme, Ministry of Health (GNDP MOH) 2015