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As at 2014/2015

Strengthening policy framework for Evidence based selection and Rational Use of Medicines

  1. Review of Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List (from 6th Edition to 7th Edition)
  2. Strengthening Adherence to Guideline Development: Training in the use of the Guidelines
  3. Institutionalising prescription audits in support of rational prescribing

Expanding on existing Policy frameworks to meet the challenges of a developing country

  1. Drug Policy Review and Development of Implementation Plan for Revised Policy
  2. Evidence Profiles Development; non-communicable diseases
  3. Towards a comprehensive policy in Antimicrobial resistance
  4. Review Standards of Pharmaceutical Care 


As at 2013

Child Medicines

  1. Implementation of recommendations of Better Medicines for Children 
  2. Scaling up Zinc uptake in health facilities


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